What Is Your Style?

Valentines Day

PearlsEveryone has their own style, weather it’s jewelry, furs, fine arts, cameras, musical instruments, stamps, coins, etc…but all of these items have a limited value on your homeowners policy.

This is only part of a sample HO policy.  You may have more or less coverage depending on your own policy.  Each company write their policies differently.  If you have something that you are concerned about losing whether it is due to theft or you losing it.  Make sure you have it property insured.

A quick call to your independent insurance agent could let you know if your new piece of jewelry, camera lens, or coin is included in your policy, or if it might need it’s own policy to be properly insured.

Below is the standard wording for a homeowners policy (HO3)Coins

$200. on money, bank notes, bullion, gold other than goldward, silver other than silverware, platinum other than platinumware, coins, medals, scrip, stored value cards and smart cards.

$1,500. on securities, accounts, deeds, evidences of debt, letters of credit, notes other than bank notes, manuscripts, personal records, passports, tickets and stamps.  This dollar limit applies to these categories regardless of the medium (such as paper or computer software) on which the material exists.

This limit includes the cost to research, replace, or restore the information from the lost or damaged material.

$1,500 on watercraft of all types, including their trailers, furnishings, equipment and outboard engines or motors.$1,500 on trailers or semitrailers not used with watercraft of all types.

$1,500 for loss by theft of jewelry, watches, furs, precious and semiprecious stones.

gun antique$2,500 for loss by theft of firearms and related equipment.

$2,500 for loss by theft of silverware, silver plated ware, gold ware, gold-plated ware, platinum ware, platinum-plated ware and pewter ware.  This includes flatware, hollowware, tea sets, trays and trophies made of or including silver, gold or pewter.



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