To better assist you with paying your bill, please find a list of companies below along with their contact information. If you pay SASCO directly, please contact our office at (908) 852-5555 or your account representative.

Carrier Phone Number Website
AIG Company  1-800-645-2259 Personal
Allianz/Firemans Fund  1-800-882-6919 Commercial
American Commerce  1-800-222-2114 Commercial
Andover Ins Company  1-800-225-0770 Commercial
C.N.A. Ins Company  1-877-276-7507 Commercial
Chubb  1-800-682-4822 Personal
Chubb Ins Company  1-800-37-24822 Commercial
Encompass  1-866-430-2916 Personal
Farmers Mutual of Salem  1-800-498-0954 Commercial
Firemans Fund  1-800-261-9497 Personal
FMI  1-800-336-3642 Personal
FMI Ins Company  1-800-842-0551 Commercial
Great American Ins Co  1-800-847-4357 Commercial
Guard Ins Company  1-800-673-2465 Commercial
Hanover  1-800-573-1187 Personal
Hanover Ins Company  1-800-922-8427 Commercial
Harleysville  1-866-665-4992 Personal
Harleysville Ins Company  1-866-665-4992 Commercial
Hartford Ins. Company  1-800-962-6170 Commercial
Imperial Finance  1-866-412-2563 Commercial
LIG Insurance Services  1-201-720-2100 Commercial
Mercer 1-800-895-6253 Commercial
Mercury 1-877-699-0462 Commercial
National General  1-877-468-3466 Personal
Nationwide 1-877-422-6569 Personal
NJ Skylands Insurance  1-866-279-7688 Personal
One Beacon Ins Company  1-877-434-3900 Commercial
Peerless Ins Company  1-800-218-1340 Commercial
Philadelphia Ins Co  1-877-438-7459 Commercial
Plymouth Rock Assurance 1-888-725-9004 Personal
Plymouth Rock Assurance 1-888-725-9004 Commercial
Progressive  1-800-876-5581 Personal
Selective  1-888-974-7400 Personal
Selective Ins Company  1-800-777-9656 x 2100 Commercial
Star Alexis  1-888-654-3100 Commercial
Tower Group Companies  1-800-441-3369 Personal/Commercial
Travelers  1-877-872-8651 Personal
Travelers Ins Company  1-800-252-2268 Commercial
United Fire 1-800-895-6253 Commercial
Zurich Ins Company  1-800-800-3907 Commercial